AIC Newsletter Q1 2021 について

  • 2021年03月13日

日本色彩学会 会員各位

この度,AIC Newsletter Q1 2021 が発行されましたので,皆様にお届けします.


一般社団法人 日本色彩学会 事務局

— 以下,AICからのメッセージを転送します —

Dear AIC Members,

Welcome to the first issue of AIC’s new quarterly newsletter.

From now on, we will keep you up to date about activities around the theory and practice of color.
Not only is our newsletter a platform that will announce upcoming activities e.g., calls for conferences and papers and report on research projects, publications, current exhibitions and art projects, but it will also be a forum for reporting on very recent activities of individuals involved in the AIC as well as in the wider color community beyond AIC’s boundaries.

You can download a copy and also find it on the AIC website.

Please send the newsletter on to other organizations and individuals in the field of color.

We welcome your suggestions for future issues as well.
We hope that highlighting individuals who make AIC’s colour activities happen will strengthen the bond between our members, and of course, we hope to attract people outside of the association to participate in AIC activities in the future and inspire our readers to build connections to each other.

We are all exploring ways to better support the work of colleagues and friends during this time of lock-down.
This newsletter will be one means of doing this ?
we hope you enjoy our first issue and support our future efforts by sending us your submissions for the next issue by May 7th 2021.

With best regards,

Ralf Weber
AIC Secretary