SDC Journal – Colour: Design & Creativity Issue 2 – is now available online

  • 2008年08月11日

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From: Editorial
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 9:58 AM
Subject: SDC Journal – Colour: Design & Creativity Issue 2 – is now available online

Colour: Design & Creativity
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The latest issue of Colour: Design & Creativity, the online journal for the professional and academic design community from the Society of Dyers and Colourists, has been published. The journal aims to create a forum for professionals from a diverse range of disciplines in which colour plays an important role, one where they can come together to exchange knowledge and ideas, and begin to develop a common language to facilitate communication in the fascinating world of colour.
Issue 2 of Colour: Design and Creativity is available online free of charge to all readers:

Review: The Golden Age of Couture, by Kevin Almond (UK)
Article: Forming Spaces with Colour and Light: Trends in Architectural Practice and Swedish Colour Research, by Karin Fridell Anter (Sweden)
Article: Colour as Idea: The Conceptual Basis for Using Colour in Architecture and Urban Design, by Galen Minah (USA)
Article: Computer Classroom Wall Colour Preference and the Relationship with Personality Type of College Students, by Randall R Russ (USA)
Article: The Influence of Single-colour Preference and Area Ratio on Dichromatic Colour Preference, by Kuen-Meau Chen and Ming-Jen Wang (Taiwan)
Gallery: Essential Spirit – Work by Jennifer Durant (UK)
Gallery: Colouring Jouissance: The Art of Judith Cain (UK)

– I’m thrilled with the information! Thanks for your hard work.
– So excited to have found your website.
– What an excellent range of material. Well done!
– Excellent articles and presentation.
– Inspiring and promising.
– Excellent scholarly articles full of insight and intelligent discussion. Great work.
– Very good work. It will help me in my work as designer.
– This is a wonderful journal. Thanks.